Thursday, 19 November 2015

Mixed Media Canvas for Crafter's Palette - Use Your Stash Challege!

Good Morning Crafters' Palette fans, Kim here today and I have a fun share for you featuring lots of goodies from the Crafters' Palette Store.  This month the team is focused on using up what we have in our crafty spaces, off cuts of paper, paints, lace, doo dads, you name it! 
I took this challenge and decided to do up a mixed media canvas with lots of left over bits and bobs from my stash.  I have a photo below of some of the bits I used.
I am also using some gorgeous Distress sprays for this project, but more on them in a wee bit!
My first order of business is to use up some old book pages a friend sent me, now this would work with any kind of paper you like and there is some great paper selections in the Crafters Palette shop which you can find here, but for this project I used up some of what was in my stash, and these pages fit the bill.  I had no rhyme or reason for where I placed the paper, just add some torn pieces randomly to your canvas. I glued them down with some multi matte medium and then gave them a coat of the same over the top of the paper to ensure they were glued down well.
Next, it was time to start gluing on my bits and pieces with some silicone glue. I chose to have a focal point in the centre which are some wings that were sent to me over a year ago in a swap I did, I had always been looking for a good place to use them, and this canvas gave me the opportunity to use them. I also have used up off cuts of lace, dominos, buttons, metal clock gears (thanks to my hubby's workshop) wooden gears, left over flowers from a past project, metal keys and finding and even a pen nip (again, thanks to hubby's workshop!).
Once everything is glued down, its time to get out the Gesso and paint everything white, and by everything, I mean everything!  Fill in all the spaces in between the bits and bobs and make sure it is all covered, this will give your sprays a good surface to cling to, and you will get a truer colour showing from the white background.

Now its time for those sprays I mentioned earlier!  Choose what ever colours you wish, Crafters' Palette has a huge range of sprays, I chose the Distress sprays for this project, and went with a cool palette of blues, whites and silver.

 Spray your darkest colour first, and use your Mist-it sprayer filled with water to make the sprays run and get in all the cracks and crevices. Continue to layer on your sprays going from darkest to lightest, dry each layer of colour in between to make sure the colour tones don't come out "muddy".  Keep using your Mist-it as well to make the colour run down the canvas, and don't forget about the sides, top and bottom of the canvas!
Here is a close up of the items coated with gesso and sprays. Keep layering on until you are happy with the outcome. I added a sentiment to the wings to finish it off.

 I hope you have enjoyed my project today. Don't be afraid to use up all the fun items you have in your crafty space, and even some things you may find elsewhere, it is all useable!
Thanks so much for stopping by today, and don't forget to check out all the fun goodies in The Crafters' Palette Store and keep up to date with the Designers as well on the Blog.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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