Friday, 12 August 2016

Imagine Wings Canvas for ScraPerfect Design Team

Good morning ScraPerfect fans! Kim here today to share with you my next design team project. This time I have created a mixed media canvas using lots of ScraPerfect products, so let's get started!
I started off with a 3 inch by 9 inch canvas. I love the elongated shape of this canvas, and that is what gave me the idea to paint a wing on it, its funny how things inspire us!
I drew a sketch of a wing and then used some Prima Art Alchemy paints, layering on each colour and drying each layer in between.  I started with a green gold tone, then layered on some blues and pinks on top of that. After the paints were dry, I got out my watercolour pencils and started to give some highlights and shadows to add depth to the piece.

Once I was happy with the look of the wing, it was time to play with my Best Glue Ever. I also used the No Clog Writing Large Cap to put on top of my glue bottle, so I could go around the areas of the wing that I wanted to highlight with the foil.  Once the glue was dry, but still tacky to the touch, that is when you can play with the foil.

 I used the Crimson Rain, Turquoise Rain and the Blue transfer foils from the Small Combo Set which you can find here in the ScraPerfect store. I just placed the foils randomly all over the wing, I love how it came out and added not only sparkle, but also lots of dimension as well.
Here is a close up of the wing and the lovely texture from the transfer foils. When everything was dry, I gave the whole canvas a coat of clear gesso to seal everything in.

I am super happy how this came out. The ScraPerfect products really helped me out  in creating this piece of art.

I hope you have enjoyed my project and tutorial today. Please check out the ScraPerfect store for all the items I have used in my project today!
Thanks for stopping by and have a magical day!

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