Friday, 30 September 2016

The Best Cleaner Ever for your Crafty Tools!! ScraPerfect DT

Good morning ScraPerfect fans! I have a little tutorial for you today featuring The Best Cleaner Ever and The Perfect Cleaning Cloth, so let's get started.
We all have tools in our craft rooms that take a beating. For me, my heat gun is one of my most used tools. It is coated with two years of paint, glue, embossing powder and all manner of crafty messes. So, I thought I would put the Best Cleaner Ever to the test.
Note: Please make sure to unplug your heat gun before you spray anything on it.

I used the Perfect Cleaning cloth and cleaned one side of my heat gun so you could see the difference. I was totally amazed!!


You can really see the difference in what was to what it is now!


I was so impressed with how my messy heat gun turned out, I am going to try it on a few more crafty tools and areas in my studio.

I hope you will try The Best Cleaner Ever and the Perfect Cleaning Cloth, this dynamic duo is great together!
Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my little Fall cleaning job!

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