Sunday, 16 October 2016

Home Sweet Home Frame ScraPerfect DT Project

Hello ScraPerfect fans! Kim here today to share with you my next DT project. This time I have created a "home sweet home" style of frame for a dear friend of mine.
I gathered up my supplies to create this project, and of course I used The Best Glue Ever, it works so well with paper and wood.
I painted my frame up that I purchased at Michaels, with some of this delicious Patina paint from Prima.
After the paint was dry, I cut my paper to fit the frame.  I used the Best Glue Ever here to glue it down, it works so well!!

I also used the cardboard insert that came with the frame and again, using the Best Glue Ever, glued down the matching paper.

Here is where we are at so far....
Now it is time to paint my wooden sewing machine from Fernli Designs. I used some black Soy paint from Delta for this.
Once the paint was dry, I glued the sewing machine into the centre of the frame.

I felt the sewing machine needed a little sparkle, so I put a tiny drop of the Best Glue Ever on my work surface and cut out some rhinestone bling I had and glued it onto the piece.
Here you can see in the photo below I placed it on the sewing machine, it really gave it a nice sparkle!
I glued some laces around the middle of the frame and I wanted to add some bling to it, so this was a good opportunity to get out my Embellie Gellie and use it to glue town my tiny bling pieces, it work great!
You just take the stick that comes with the Embellie Gellie and use it on each of the bling pieces. I did use a tiny dab of the Best Glue ever as well, as the frame will be going in the mail to a friend, and I wanted to make sure it had that extra strong hold.
Now, it was time to add the rest of my embellishments. I added this lovely floral cameo with bling to the top left hand side of the frame.

 Here you can see I added flowers, ribbon, pearls, another cameo,  lace covered buttons to pick up on the sewing theme, and a metal sentiment from Prima to this corner.


Here once again is my finished frame. Total work time on this project was one hour. Its a simple and easy gift to make for the upcoming holiday season. 
Thanks so much for stopping by today, and please check out all the great products in the ScraPerfect store!

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